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Lisa Lynne Cangemi, like every human being, was born an ARTIST with the ability to EXPRESS.

Cangemi, born in 1963, is a native to Long Island.
At the age of 3, went for art education at the 5 Towns Music & Art Foundation in Cedarhurst. The Cangemi family members were creative people, with art knowledge & a flare for color. Cangemi’s sensative nature kept her on the ART road, to draw, paint, and to play with color and express.

Cangemi excelled with ARTS, and continued her studies at The School of Viual Arts in Manhattan in 1981. She double-majored in Graphic Design & Illustration, studied pyschology, cartooning & animation & film. Cangemi began her Graphic Design company in 1985, C&C Graphic Design, worked out of Richmond Hill, Queens, and Lynbrook. Cangemi has won over 4 dozen National Graphic Design awards, and over a dozen professional Photography Awards in the Art Direction field.

Cangemi’s love for ‘POSITIVELY EXPRESSING’ through VISUAL ART has kept her involved in painting and creating. She began exhibiting with art leagues in 1991. She is the President of TriCounty Artists of Long Island, and an active member of Long Beach Art League, and TriCounty Artists of Long Island. Cangemi has won over 3 dozen fine-art awards.

Cangemi later went back to NYU and SVA to complete her MFA in Graphic Design, Art Therapy. Cangemi became an adjunct college professor in 2002. She has taught at various colleges in New York State and Long Island. Cangemi is ADOBE Certified, and has taught numerous Graphic Design courses, B&W Photography, Art History, Color Theory. She was honored in 2006 and 2007, with an Alpha Beta Kappa Award for being one of the top 10 teachers Nationally, teaching the subject of graphic design and art, what her profession is.

Cangemi currently, and for the past 10 years has conducted art therapy classes with children and seniors. She continues to exhibit, teach, and work with seniors with art. She has also established various creative businesses in the arts, including Take Part in Art, Hooked on the Heels, Total Chaos T Shirts, and Expressive Messages.

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