ron goldschmidt
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Through art Ronald Goldschmidt is able to fulfill his life long need to be creative. Inspired by the works of Omi, Vitrillo, Miro, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and the impressionistic world of Monet, Ron paints from the heart. He continues to experiment with style and bright color, making each painting unique. Ron is currently working primarily in acrylic. Ron's inviting flower gardens and seascapes are perfect for decorating your home. His art is inspired by the beaches of Miami to Maine. An avid swimmer and beach enthusiast, his easel overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches of Long Island. He searches and successfully conveys a feeling of serenity and peace in his paintings. The sun and ocean in his work help make the winter months feel a lot warmer. The flower gardens and beach collections have been reproduced, as museum quality giclées. They are offered as individual or as "trilogies", three paintings mounted in one frame, that gives the viewer a feeling of looking out a window and enjoying the view. Each piece is signed and numbered.