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An extraordinary era lies before us. It is an amazing time to be alive. This may seem confusing in a year marred by coronavirus pandemic, as this disease has touched all humanity and brought the world together in common ground like no other time since. Humanity has been faced with the real threat of its extinction if it let itself continue its unsustainable pre-pandemic course. If life were to go on, it must regenerate itself to be more aware of its words and actions on others--hence, the uniform masking, distancing, locking and limited gathering worldwide.

Here has been a time for the world to repent, to atone by being at one with one's own actions and taking comfort in the oneness the world is experiencing with cases, deaths, tests and mandates. The whole world is captive in the Universal Mind, hence the beginning of interconnectedness in real time through Zoom meetings and virtual learning. Yet the root of all the lockdowns and pan(dem)ic is panic of getting sick and dying, which is very real because to be conscious of it is to face the fact that all this we have is lent to us, and we either take advantage of what the day has for us or it may never come our way again.

My drawings serve in part to educate others about the reality of death, eternal life, and the choices we make NOW to merit world freedom from the curse of the pandemic holding every being captive in fear itself. While I do not espouse any political ideology in my artwork, the fact is that the drawing speaks for itself more than the limitations of speech; the individual reacts in his own way. Art thus is a universal language; indeed a picture can speak 1000 words, while experiencing life that the picture itself conveys can speak a million! Every one that has lost a loved one to the pandemic, while acknowledging the anger and grief that comes with something irreplaceable gone forever, has to face that NOW is the time to experience life for what it is, where it is now, for what one has and to be that "light of the world" in what many call a "dark winter before us." I believe, this common call to "come together in the spirit of healing and light," will itself drive darkness away, even as the evil live (backward).