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artist lamontanaro artist lamontanaro artist lamontanaro
artist lamontanaro
artist lamontanaro
artist lamontanaro
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You will find Artist Lamontanaro's artwork to be eclectic. Her paintings are profoundly revealing. They invoke a symbolic memoir of sustained tribulations; all focusing inward. It is a bodywork of Metaphorical, Feminist Art; a product of an emotionally arduous creative process. Lamontanaro's fine art photography is predominantly focusing outward. The artist holds an uncommon, innate sensitivity to lighting, spatial composition and color. They capture the sublime in ordinary life; which frequently goes unrecognized.

Artist Lamontanaro is academically educated in Commercial & Fine Art Photography. She has studied the craft at the cusp of digital enterprise. Hence, giving Lamontanaro an earned title of "Master Photographer". The artistry of her painting is auto-didactic, and it may be rendered as Outsider Art.

Art Collection, NYC, N.Y.
Long Beach Art League, N.Y.
Southampton Artists' Association, N.Y.
East Village Art View, NYC, N.Y.
Six Summit Gallery, NYC, N.Y.


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