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Adriena Masi was born and spent much of her youth in Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia. During the 1968—Russian invasion she and her father were forced to flee the country, leaving everything behind. She began to paint in New York where she and her father made their new home in Long Beach.

After becoming an American citizen, Adriena met her husband and had three children. Unfortunately her husband died of a heart attack and it was her three children that made every day easier during this dark time of her life. She did not have time to paint as work took over her next thirty years. Now that her children have grown, she has four grandchildren and painting is her life.

Living between her home in Long Beach and country home in the Catskills, Adriena loves to paint landscapes, seascapes, still life and animal portraits. Painting sunrise or sunsets always give her a thrill. She studied under Stefan Baumann, an oil painter from California. She also took a workshop in Tuscany with same coach this past September which was the most amazing experience ever.