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Lisa Dawn Romano, a professional photographer and a new member of the Long Beach Art League, has been working as part of the Program Planning Committee. Because of her interest in the arts, her resourcefulness as a businesswoman, and her great energy, she has been very helpful to the Board of Directors.

Lisa has achieved many goals throughout her life despite growing up with divorced parents which resulted in many responsibilities as a child and financial challenges. In the 1980ís, she successfully auditioned for a Brooklyn high school Performing Arts Program and went on to act and sing in musicals and plays as well as entertained all around New York City as part of a travel choral group. While working full-time to support herself and pay for college tuition, she commuted to St. Johnís University and graduated with a Bachelorís degree in Finance. Her Corporate America experience included traveling across the United States teaching proprietary and Microsoft based computer applications as a Technical Training Manager and Project Manager.

Thanks to her mother, Lisa was exposed to the arts at an early age and would often spend Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum. She has experience in different art mediums - watercolor, charcoal as well as pen and ink. Lisa had a camera in her hand since the age of 9, but her passion for photography cultivated over time. As a photographer she worked as an independent contractor on and off for over 25 years because of family obligations.

Finally a few years ago, Lisaís own business LISA DAWN Photography, LLC was formed. Lisaís successful photography practice is defined by the seasons. In the winter months, the assignments would be headshots and fun portraits in her home studio. In the spring, there would be many events, engagements and weddings to photograph. Outdoor family portraits and weddings are popular in the summer. The autumn would bring intense travel with landscapes and sports photography. Very often being the only female sports photographer directly on the sidelines has made her a stronger person. While photographing events throughout the country, she keeps in mind that there is a story to tell. Every photograph is a moment in time that is captured and in that moment, a story. She strives to share and convey emotion, the unspoken words in her photographs.

Beautiful collections of Lisaís photographs can be viewed on her website at Her photographs are also on her Facebook page at and on Instagram @photographybylisadawn